Intelligent Financial Data Solutions

MoneyThumb’s innovative AI-powered software analyzes and automatically converts data into
intelligent information, eliminating the need for manual entry and increasing accuracy and productivity.

Intelligent Financial Data Solutions

Analyze data with the speed, power, and accuracy of AI

25K+ Clients

10K+ Banks

99% Accuracy

Why MoneyThumb is the Leader

Converts bank statement data with 99% accuracy

Machine learning algorithm looks for patterns to self-correct and flags questionable transactions

Compares and auto-reconciles transaction totals to summary information, saving time on manual review

Automatically cleans up payee names and correctly categorizes transactions

Thousands of satisfied customers supported by an exceptional team of customer service professionals

Works with thousands of banks including:

Relied on daily by industry leaders

An amazing experience with Money Thumb. The PDF Insights program does a super job and is really fast! Pricing is exceptionally low. I had an issue that I reported to their support group and was dazzled by the turnaround time to address it... immediately! Highly recommend them as a quality company that stands behind their product. Don C., Long Time Client
We were using a similar product with a different company and one of our partners told us to check out MoneyThumb for our bank statement analysis. Not only is PDF Insights more accurate, but it’s faster and costs less than our prior solution. My team can underwrite files faster and more efficiently. We are very happy with the product and service. Merchant Cash Advance Provider
We started using MoneyThumb’s PDF Insights just over a year ago and then recently added on Thumbprint to help us identify fraudulent files. Both products have been game changers for our company. We can’t afford to take any losses and we feel confident with MoneyThumb on our side. U.S. Based Small Business Lender